Life lessons From the Softball Field


Some life lessons I have learned from years of being the only female on my church softball team. I’m so grateful for this game, my teammates, the camaraderie and the fun.
– If you drop the ball, don’t dwell on it, worry about it, let it keep you up all night rehashing it or look for excuses, just let it go. You’ll get the next one.

– When you catch the ball, it’s OK to gloat a little bit.

-If you strike out, good teammates will make you feel better, not worse.

-Men have a more comlicated social game than I intially gave them credit for. Bro hugs, chest bumps, handshakes, first bumps, the two finger wave? To whom and for what occasion? It’s all very complicated and not really a life lesson at all, merely an observaion that I decided to inset here. Sorry.

-Husbands and wives should always look for ways to have fun together.

– After years of cheering for our kids at various sporting events, it’s fun to have them cheer for us.

– It’s also fun to say,  “Dad and I are going to practice.”

– God wants you to have fun.

– If you have something, share it, you will get more back than you ever gave.

-No matter your station in life, everyone is equal on the ball field.

-If you don’t want to have someone elses sweat on your ears, get your own batting helmet!

– A little praise goes a long way.

– If someone or something upsets you, don’t dwell on, talk about it then forget it.

– You can lose a game and still have a great time.

– When you are doing something you love, exercise does not feel like work.

– Don’t let fear keep you on the sidelines.

– It is good to challenge yourself.

-Age is just a number.

– Family is not just who you are related to.


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  1. I hope this is true for others. That’s what it’s about. Age means nothing, attitude and dedication, is the winner.

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